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Your feet are the foundation to reaching your goals...

It's true what they say; it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.  The journey can be tough at times for athletes across all disciplines with the feet putting in a lot of the work.  Looking after your most valuable assets is a little easier with Skin Shields training socks.

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The Spasskaya Tower Jersey - our journey to Russia

When I was contacted by Darya Markosyan (Carey Academy Russia) to design and supply jerseys for the dancers performing at the Spasskaya Tower Festival, I had a very limited understanding of the extent of this event that attracts international dignitaries and an audience of over 70,000 from around the world.  Essentially the Spasskaya Tower Festival is a cross cultural event of huge significance in Russia.  ]Through further communication with Darya, I learned that International Dance Team features 36 Irish dancers from 6 different schools across Russia, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic (Carey Academy Russia, Ronan Morgan School, Iridan academy, Ceilidh School, Red Star Academy, Avalon Academy, McGahan Lees, Instep School and Greenwood School).  Artistic director of the team was Maria...

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More than just a 'jersey'...

A jersey can hold a lot of significance for the person wearing it and who they are wearing it for.  This person can be an athlete representing team and country, a supporter wearing it with pride in team and country or someone who just likes the colour and design!  For the athlete wearing a jersey, it communicates; “this is who I am, what I do and who I do it for”.

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