Worlds 20/21 Hero Tshirt

25% of Tshirt proceeds will go to "Masks for All Ireland"

This tshirt has been designed for Irish dancers who represented their dance school (and country) at 2020 years worlds by staying home.  It's for those dancers looking forward to 2021 and whatever it may bring; those already qualified or those working towards qualification.  It's also a way for our dancing community to support our local heroes during the Covid19 crisis.  25% of Tshirt proceeds will go to "Masks for All Ireland"; a group led by designer Mary Murphy making face masks for frontline staff and vulnerable patients.  These donations will ensure the supply of fabric and elastic to ensure the continued supply of masks which will be needed for the forseable future.

  • Performance tshirt, wickable fabric in 6 colours
  • Unisex & Ladies Fit available
  • FREE Personalisation can be added to the back (2 places); name and school or name and "World Qualifier" or it woulc be TCRG, ADCRG, FEIS DAD or any other text!  There is a text box in checkout for the details.
  • School orders can add their school logo (minimum 10)
  • ORDER BY Monday 1st June
  • SHIPS June 2t5h Worldside

Masks for All Ireland; 

Mary Murphy ranks as a perfect example of how local heroes are helping the community during the COVID-19 crisis. Mary has re-purposed her design for manufacture skills to research and create the safest standard of facemasks possible that can protect frontline healthcare staff and their patients.

Mary who lives in Magherafelt with her family and 2 young children followed up her Aeronautical Engineering Master degree with a City and Guilds Creative Techniques for Fashion course at Belfast Met, graduating in 2012.  She had been sewing all her life and decided that she wanted to work for herself in a business that allowed her to combine her love for maths-based design with her sewing skills. When Mary realised that there was going to be a shortage in face masks due to COVID-19 on the island of Ireland in March, she set up the public Facebook group Masks 4 All Ireland – Sewists Against COVID-19 where people could volunteer their time to sew face masks, donate material or money to help care workers.  Mary offers her bespoke design for manufacture knowledge online on how to sew the safest face mask possible, and has daily Facebook live videos where she gives advice with another volunteer. There are now 3000+ members of this group and 500+ volunteers sewing face masks, producing an average of 12,000 masks to date with a weekly output of more than 4000 per week which are delivered to 7000+ care workers in multiple care homes all over the island. 

Mary explained,”As there is a shortage of surgical face masks, one cannot underestimate the importance of making masks that are as safe as a cloth mask can possibly be, as they need to fit perfectly over the nose and face with for example, elastic straps around the head and not ears, so there are no gaps. This design, using cotton material with space for a filter can offer safety to staff and patients in the absence of surgical masks, and can be reused and boil washed.  They are designed for the best filtration possible and for longevity as they are such a limited resource”

She added, “It is concerning that many face masks don’t completely fit to the face, and that hospital staff are unable to use face masks unless they are surgical masks which are in very short supply.  Our masks are donated from the project, and  material costs are supported by both fabric donations and our Go Fund Me appeal.”


 "We are a crowdsourced group of voluntary sewists making the best possible reusable cotton face masks (designed and developed within the group).

By donating to our project you are part of a very nurtured thing and an essential part of the added value of these masks.  Yes if we sold them they could be worth maybe £15/€20 each (in a different world, where your time etc is taken into account... these aren't homemade, these are handcrafted).

But these are worth SO much more. You are adding to their value by sharing what we're doing, donating to help us do it, we are adding value with our skill and the wearer is getting all this as a gift from us to them because we can't do the important jobs that they can. €20 shows no value, having them available to request for groups that need them from the project, made with care and intention makes them priceless.

Our masks are free to those who need them. Our material costs
are supported by both material and money donations via Paypal and GoFundMe.
Please share and help us get these masks to those that need them."
The Cloth Face Mask For All Ireland Group.