SKIN SHIELDS Training Socks

SKIN SHIELDS are designed for athletes across all disciplines involved in sustained levels of training, seeking comfort and protection for their feet.
 Skin Shields double layer design incorporates Meryl Skinlife, one of   the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns, and are proven to absorb friction, keep skin dry, reduce skin breakage and prevent blisters.
If your sport involves your feet, go the distance in Skin Shields.
Composition: Inner layer 100% Meryl Skinlife, Outside layer:  40% Cotton, 26% Polyester, 14% Elastane, 2% Lycra

"I’m a 48 year old age grouper long distance triathlete. Have tried Skin Shields on a long bike cycle (100k+) and also a long slow run today (>16k). I’m very impressed, socks, comfortable, warm and much thinner than my usual go to ‘1000 mile socks’. Absolutely no pinch points on the run which is unusual. Very impressed overall would thoroughly recommend. Paul"